Her husband took a photo of her in 1992 and told her “It’s the last night you’re going to live…”

We never know what happens behind closed doors. There are families that appear happy on the social media, but the hell some of the members are going through is unimaginable.

A woman named Judy Sharp, a victim of domestic violence, is sharing her life story which she wants to serve as a reminder that there is always a way out, you just need to fight hard and remember that you are not alone.

The moment Judy got married to her husband Mike, she knew her life would never be the same.

He was a very jealous man who wouldn’t let her step foot outside of the house. He was controlling and she was desperately unhappy. In order to be sure she wouldn’t leave the house even for a second, he would leave her penniless and would place tapes over the front and back door of the house that he would later check.

When Judy fell pregnant with the couple’s first child, she had hopes that her life would change for the better, but sadly, things only got worse and the abuse she suffered intensified even further.

Not only he insulted her as a woman, but he called her a bad mother.

One day, as she was sitting on the sofa with her two boys, Mike started insulting her. He then took the camera, took a photo of her and their sons, and told her it was the last day she was alive. The photo would serve as a memory of her for the boys.

The haunting photograph

Judy panicked and knew she needed to stand for her and her sons.

She started looking for a shelter that would accept her and the boys, but since one of them had autism, they wouldn’t. The only option left was to rent a home, and that’s exactly what she did.

Judy found a place to stay and was able to pay rent for some time thanks to the money she managed to withdraw from the joint bank account.

Judy found a place to stay and was able to pay rent for some time thanks to the money she managed to withdraw from the joint bank account.

Once away from home, she felt relieved.

Mike was looking for them but was unable to track them down. Eventually, he quit.

Today, Judy’s sons are all grown up. Sam is now 30 and a swim coach who trialled for the Olympics and Tim, 32, is a successful artist. She’s proud of them, and she’s happy to gather the courage to leave from an abusive marriage years ago.

Judy wants to send the message that domestic violence should never be endured, by no person, ever!

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