My Son Heard His Mom Crying & Strangers’ Voices, Urging Me Home — What I Discovered Was Beyond Belief

When my son called me in a panic about hearing his mom crying and unknown voices laughing in our house, I raced home fearing the worst. But nothing could’ve prepared me for what was going on in my bedroom.

My day started perfectly normal. I was clicking away at my desk, trying to look for a missing file, when my phone started buzzing with a text. I glanced briefly and realized it was Luke, my eight-year-old kid. Turns out, he had already tried to call me around 10 times.

That was odd. Kids these days hate talking on the phone, so I was already freaked out when I called him back.

“Daddy, please come home!! Mom is crying…”

“Slow down, buddy. What’s happening?”

“Daddy, I don’t know what to do. I just came home and now I hear mom crying in her room!”

“Why didn’t you go into her room?” I asked.

“I’m too scared to go inside. I hear other voices in there!”

“Okay, okay! Stay in your room. Lock the door! I’ll call your mom,” I said, trying not to panic, and hung up.

I searched for my wife Nikkie’s number quickly, but the call went straight to voicemail. Great. That wasn’t like her. We had a child. We were never supposed to turn off our phones! So I just made a split-second decision to call the cops as I picked up my wallet and jacket, rushing out of the office.

I told 911 that intruders were at my house and to please get there quickly. Getting my car, I raced home, still calling Nikkie and getting more worried by the second. When I arrived, I saw that the cops still hadn’t made it.

But I couldn’t wait. In the back of my head, I thought the worst. Images of Nikkie’s tear-stained face rushed through me, and the other voices Luke had mentioned… well, something terrible must be happening to my wife in there.

For the first time in my life, I wished we had an arm at home. We didn’t even have a baseball bat because Luke was into football and basketball. Finally, I decided that whatever awaited me inside would have to be faced bare-handed.

So, I kicked the door open, not knowing what I would see. First, I heard a loud, piercing female scream. And second, I saw her face. Air rushed out of my body like a deflating balloon.

It wasn’t my wife. It was her sister, Diana, having a… let’s call it a “party” with two guys. In my room. In my bed. Not exactly the family gathering you’d expect.

Right on cue, Nikkie came in with cops running right behind her. The look on her face when she saw her sister was priceless. Her sister was the baby of the family and loved by all. Until then.

“Diana?! What the heck?!” Nikkie blurted out.

My sister-in-law rose from the bed, covering herself with my expensive sheets, and shrugged. “I thought no one would be home. Just having a bit of fun, that’s all.”

Yeah, “fun.” In our bedroom. With strangers. Why did she do this, you ask? Well, my sister-in-law is married, and she decided that our house was the best place for her extramarital encounters. Apparently, this had been going on for a while thanks to the spare key Nikkie gave her.

But this time, my son returned home from school early after feeling sick. A teacher who lived nearby was nice enough to drive him home while Nikkie arranged to get the rest of her day off from work. Obviously, the teacher left, thinking our boy would be safe in his house. Yes, his home was supposed to be safe.

The cops took in the scene and talked to everyone involved. I was so embarrassed, apologizing to them profusely for the misunderstanding. Still, it took two hours before they left, and then I went to Luke’s room and saw him wrapped around Nikkie.

My boy was traumatized. Honestly, so was I.

“So, Mom wasn’t in danger?” he asked, still unsure despite holding his mother.

“No, my boy. It was just your Aunt Diana being funny,” I reassured. “But don’t worry because we won’t be seeing her again any time soon.”

I gave Nikkie a serious look, and she nodded. We officially went no-contact with her sister, but I did send her husband a warning text. After all, he deserved to know what his wife was doing.

Have you ever cut ties with a family member after something like this?

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