The Father Of Two Children Received Praise For His Actions In A Store From People All Over The World

The whole thing occurred down under. Ryan O’Donnell took his two children with him to the supermarket like any other day.

Before going to the supermarket that day, Ryan had no idea what would occur.

After finishing their shopping, Ryan and his two children waited up to pay for their items. There was an elderly lady in front of them who kept trying and failing to use her card to pay for her things.

After several failed tries, the old woman was forced to admit that she did not have enough money on her card, leaving her feeling ashamed and dejected.

When Ryan took in the totality of the situation, he headed for the register to find out how much the elderly lady had spent. She mentioned a $46 bill being due.

Without giving it any thought, Ryan took fifty dollars from his wallet and handed it to the lady.

The woman asked Ryan how he could thank her for her compassion with tears in her eyes and no words to express her gratitude. With a simple, “Don’t worry, have a wonderful day,” Ryan dismissed their concerns.

A bystander at the supermarket documented the whole thing on camera and posted it online.

When news of Ryan’s kindness spread, it moved millions of people, and those individuals had nothing but praise for him.

After being interviewed by a local television station, Ryan explained his actions by saying,  “I did what my parents taught me to do, to assist others if I could!”

Believe in the goodness of people and the future after reading this. To be charitable when the opportunity arises is now open to everyone thanks to Ryan.

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