How creepy! Stop it! This is how countless beauty procedures have spoilt Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife

Recently, Maria Shiver—the renowned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife—was photographed by paparazzi on Santa Monica streets.

The woman who has permanently ruined her beauty has lately been caught on camera. The past beauty was difficult to identify.

It would be redundant to argue that she has changed beyond recognition.

She has experienced visible alterations in her quest for perpetual youth, which, regrettably, have taken away not only her beauty but also her charm.

Nothing more horrifying than this will be shown to you today!

How criminal it was to ruin something so exquisite! The moment when plastic surgeons overreached! How do we make this invisible?

If Arnold saw her now, he would be appalled!

It is noteworthy to emphasize that Maria and Arnold shared a 25-year marriage. They were not officially divorced until last year, after a nearly ten-year divorce procedure.

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