In a heartrending update, Michael J. Fox, a valiant warrior against Parkinson’s for over three decades, confronts the disease’s unyielding grip. At 62, he faces the stark reality of his journey, marked by the cruel tendrils of facial muscle paralysis and a body scarred by surgeries and fractures

Fox’s unflinching gaze meets his mortality, as he candidly admits, “Every day it’s tougher… I’m not going to be 80.”

Director Davis Guggenheim, having spent time in Fox’s company, yearns for such a profound perspective. Fox solemnly recognizes Parkinson’s as a complex gift that keeps taking, yet it has ignited transformative flames within his life.

Fox’s journey, riddled with depression and marred by injuries, including fractures and surgeries, has tested his resilience.

With steely determination, he declares, “I’m a tough son of a b****.”

I hate it. It sucks. But it didn’t defeat me’: Michael J Fox on pity, Parkinson’s – and a potential cure
The actor was diagnosed with the disease when he was just 29 and one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He talks about how he’s coped, what frightens him – and why being a saint is so boring

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