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The day’s most horrible news. Celine Dion sadly confirmed it.

Renowned Canadian singer Céline Dion has postponed parts of her European tour due to a recent diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome, a rare neurological illness. Dion shared the news through emotional videos on her social media, explaining that the condition hinders her ability to sing as she used to. Stiff-person syndrome causes gradual muscle rigidity and spasms, sometimes leading to paralysis and limiting mobility. Dion, 54, admitted to the challenges it poses in her daily life, including walking and speaking.

She expressed her disappointment over delaying the European leg of her tour and rescheduled it for the following year. Eight of her shows, initially planned from May 31 to July 17, 2023, have been postponed. Dion reassured her fans that she, along with her family and medical team, is working to improve her condition.

The Grammy-winning artist, who considers singing her life’s passion, is determined to return to the stage despite her health struggles. Last year, she also had to postpone her world tour due to severe muscle spasms. Stiff-person syndrome is rare, typically appearing in adults, with fewer than 5,000 estimated cases in the United States.

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