Mini-test. Animals are playing hide and seek – join the search.

Before you is an unusual landscape: the artist has incorporated several animals into the scene, and they are playing hide and seek. They have hidden in the most unusual places.

Some are visible immediately, while others may take a bit longer to find. We won’t tell you exactly how many animals are involved in the game; that would be too easy. Find as many as you can, and only then check your answers.

As is customary, here’s the solution. If you haven’t finished solving the puzzle yet, don’t read further.

So, in the picture, the animals playing hide and seek are a squirrel, fox, wolf, bird, butterfly, beetle, and hare. There are seven participants in total. We hope we didn’t forget anyone.

For even more animals that love playing hide and seek, check out our gallery.

Do you find all?

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