My Husband Asked For Paternity Test after I Gave Birth – He Was ‘Shocked’ When He Read the Results

Upon the birth of their daughter, a woman experienced an unexpected response from her husband. Rather than celebrating the joyous occasion, he requested a paternity test, casting doubt on the baby’s lineage. Faced with no alternative, she underwent the test, and the results proved to be eye-opening.

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On December 20, 2023, an anonymous female contributor opened up about her experience in Reddit’s “AITAH” forum. Having been married to her 28-year-old husband for two years, she detailed the recent birth of their daughter, which occurred just five weeks prior.

In an attempt to provide a comprehensive account without delving into superfluous details, the Original Poster, aged 27, revealed a noteworthy aspect of the situation. Their newborn daughter emerged into the world adorned with striking features—blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

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What heightened the intrigue was the fact that both the Original Poster and her husband exhibited the more common traits of brown hair and brown eyes. This curious deviation prompted OP to seek advice and insights from the online community, as her husband’s unexpected reaction had left her grappling with questions about the child’s paternity.

A day before sharing her narrative online, OP and her husband received the paternity test results.

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In response to this unexpected revelation, OP’s husband exhibited a strong emotional reaction, expressing distress and refusing to entertain her explanation. Despite her attempts to clarify that infants often have lighter hair and eye colors that may darken with time, the husband remained unconvinced.

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He escalated the situation by insisting on a paternity test, coupled with the ultimatum of divorce if she did not comply. Faced with this demand, OP reluctantly underwent the paternity test to address her husband’s concerns.

The Shocking Results
Following the hospital discharge, OP and her daughter returned home, and her husband opted to spend the initial three weeks at his parents’ residence to create some distance while she recovered. During this time, he informed his parents about the situation.

Subsequently, the mother-in-law contacted OP and conveyed a disturbing message. She asserted that if the paternity test disproved the husband’s biological connection to the child, she would use her influence to ensure OP faced significant consequences in the impending divorce, vowing to see her “taken to the cleaners.”

Navigating this challenging period, the woman found support and assistance from her sister, who became a pillar of strength, helping her care for the newborn amid the tumultuous circumstances.

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A day before sharing her narrative online, OP and her husband received the paternity test results. “I was on the couch in the living room, so [my husband] sat next to me and we started to read the results,” said OP. “They showed that he was the father and my husband had this shocked, kinda mortified look on his face with his eyes wide as he stared at it.”

How Did OP React?
Unable to contain herself, OP couldn’t resist uttering, “I told you so,” and burst into laughter at her husband’s stunned expression. This reaction snapped him out of his initial shock, and he became angered by her amusement. A heated argument ensued, characterized chiefly by his raised voice, until OP’s sister intervened by coming downstairs, causing the husband to fall silent.

Following the confrontation, the husband retreated once again to his parents’ house, citing the need to “clear his head.” A few hours later, OP found herself on the receiving end of a scolding from her mother-in-law, who expressed disapproval for her laughter, deeming it as kicking her husband while he was down.

This sentiment was reiterated in a couple of nasty texts received the following morning. Seeking an outsider’s perspective, OP couldn’t help but wonder, “AITA for telling my husband “I told you so” and laughing at [him] when we got the paternity test results?”

What Do Redditors Think?
OP’s narrative gained significant traction online, capturing the attention and responses of netizens from far and wide. A multitude of commenters rallied in support of OP, condemning her husband and mother-in-law for their disrespectful behavior.

What are your thoughts on this story? How would you handle the situation if you were in OP’s place? Click here to read another story about a woman whose mother-in-law did a secret DNA test on her baby and told her husband to divorce her immediately.

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