Dad ‘Kicked’ Young Child Out from House despite His Pleas – Years Later Father Appears on Son’s Doorstep

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a man repeatedly forced his own son out into the unforgiving world, disregarding his desperate pleas for mercy. Years later, shrouded in mystery and with an air of anticipation, the estranged father showed up at his child’s doorstep. Here’s what happened next.

In 2019, an individual who identified as Asian turned to Reddit’s incredibly popular AITA forum to share a narrative. Recounting his upbringing, the man revealed that his father’s treatment during his childhood was marked by being frequently kicked out of his home.

The family’s financial struggles led them to reside in a subpar townhouse in an unfavorable part of town. Following the common stereotype associated with Asian fathers, the narrator’s dad exhibited extreme strictness regarding academic performance.

If the original poster received a grade below 70, was tardy to class, or failed to adhere to curfew, his father’s response was consistent: eviction from the house. Despite his pleas and appeals, he would find himself relegated outdoors with only a sleeping bag, regardless of the weather conditions — rain or snow.
He questioned whether he was irrational or justified in his feelings, seeking the opinion of the Reddit community.

This pattern continued until the age of 16 when a friend extended the courtesy of allowing the narrator to stay overnight. Each time he was expelled, he would eventually return, apologize, and be permitted to reenter the home.

“[My father] kicked me out at 18 and I didn’t come back home,” said OP of his father. Instead, he opted to stay with a friend and engaged in consistent employment to finance his education. From that day onward, he stopped communicating with his father. Finally, at the age of 29, he found marital bliss with a child on the way.

What Did the Man Do When His Dad Appeared at His Doorstep Years Later?

The original poster’s mother passed away at the time—a poignant event that brought about a series of unexpected encounters. Amid the atmosphere of mourning and reflection, his father made an appearance, bearing the weight of past grievances. It appeared to be an attempt at reconciliation for the turbulent upbringing that had marked the individual’s formative years.

Despite initial perceptions of genuineness, a lingering skepticism arose because OP’s dad had faced his own share of hardships. The closure of his convenience store seven years prior and the deterioration of his pension painted a complex backdrop to the situation.

In a moment that demanded honesty and clarity, the Redditor took the initiative to question his father’s motives for his visit. In a tone infused with desperation, his dad admitted his intentions—he sought a place to stay.

The man, perhaps burdened by a mix of emotions from the past and the present, retreated momentarily into the house. Upon returning, a sleeping bag was flung unceremoniously onto the lawn—an act loaded with the history of past rejections and a symbol of his dad’s actions.

An essential facet of the narrative was inadvertently omitted in the initial retelling. Over time, the father had sought to make amends through sporadic financial offerings sent via mail. These modest sums, accumulating to around $1500, remained tucked away in the recesses of the individual’s closet, which he intended to return at his mother’s funeral reception.

What Does His Wife and Friends Think About His Act?

Upon the passing of the man’s mother, his wife and friends reacted to his decision. His wife encouraged him to let go, emphasizing that despite his father’s strictness, he had always allowed him back and acted out of love and the desire for his betterment.

On the other hand, his friends, who shared a similar cultural background, downplayed the severity of his past punishments, suggesting that his father’s actions were well intentioned, calling him a “disrespectful son.”

Engulfed in contemplation, the individual found himself grappling with conflicting emotions. He questioned whether he was irrational or justified in his feelings, seeking the opinion of the Reddit community.

The Redditors resoundingly supported the man’s stance (NTA), viewing his father’s actions as emotionally abusive due to his history of expulsions during childhood.

Many users questioned the sincerity of the father’s recent apology, which coincided with his need for shelter. They emphasized the lack of prior support and contact, suggesting forgiveness wasn’t warranted given the history.

Other commenters echoed the sentiment that the individual was justified in being cautious. They suspected ulterior motives in his father’s apology, potentially seeking practical support rather than true reconciliation.

Concerns were raised about the strain on the man’s marriage if his father stayed with him, urging him to prioritize his family’s well-being and be cautious about reopening a fraught relationship.

Do you think OP was justified in his behavior toward his father? Click here to read another story about a man who saw his newborn and abandoned his wife in the hospital.

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