In a shocking transformation, Amy Adams is layered with fur and a few extra pounds for her role as a bloodthirsty hound

She was one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses, but today she is unrecognizable.

Charming and versatile, Amy Adams is a household name we all adore. It’s safe to say that with a career as rich as hers, she’s somewhere on the top of the list of most wanted actresses of Hollywood.

From playing a princess in Enchanted, to roles such as that of a drug-addict mother in Hillbilly Elegy and a bloodthirsty hound in her most recent project Nightbitch, Adams has done it all.

Adams, who has been enchanting audiences ever since her debut in the dark comedy film, Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), has stunned fans yet again when photos of the filming of Nightbitch emerged recently.


In this film, which is an adaptation of the 2021 novel of the same name by Rachel Yoder, she plays a former artist who’s disillusioned with her new life as a suburban stay-at-home mom. Alienated from her husband and having to take care of her hyperactive son, the character starts to morph into a predatory dog because as the frustration in her grows, her inner animal emerges.

For the sake of the filming, Adams needed to undergo physical changes, of course, more of which are related to adding and using prosthetic parts and make up, such as sharper canines, a tail, and a tuft of fur on the nape of her neck.


However, as photos from the set emerged online, not Adams’ appearance of a furry creature caught all the attention. In fact, what people talked about was the actress’ extra pounds which have been visibly noticed in a casual photo of her on which she’s seen wearing a grey shirt and has her red hair in a ponytail.

It’s not certain whether the six-time Oscar nominee has gained some weight for the sake of the role or she’s wearing a body suit, which is exactly what one fan claimed. “It’s a role she’s playing this is a body suit,”he wrote. Others also stood by Adams’ side and wrote that she looks gorgeous with or without extra few pound on. “Great actor in any shape,” one person commented. “She’s gorgeous,” another added.

For her role of Bev, a backwoods mother struggling with drug addiction, in Hillbilly Elegy, Adams used a wig and prosthetics, and in one of her earliest films, Catch Me if you Can (2002), she wore dental prosthetics.

Amy Adams is seen outside aol live in soho on June 28, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Adams explained that she needed to put around 12 to 15 pounds on for the filming of Vice, and the same happened when she starred in Julie & Julia.

Adams confessed that unlike the weight-obsessed character she played in the TV series Smallville, she doesn’t stresses over her weight in real life. “I think the more people are concerned with me, the less they can invest in my characters,” Adams said in an interview with Daily Mail.

Amy Adams is seen on January 07, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by BAUERGRIFFIN/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Speaking of her 12-year-old daughter Aviana, whom she shares with husband Darren Le Gallo, Adams explained, “I tend to wear very little makeup at home because when my daughter was even younger she saw me putting on makeup and she said, ‘You look like Amy Adams when you do that–I just want you to be Mom.’ So I said, ‘You got it, honey’…When I was getting made up, she felt that was somehow attached to another part of my life and she just wanted me.”

Amy Adams is one of the most adorable actresses and we truly love her for who she is.

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