Fans are alarmed by the great actor’s most recent photos.

Despite the fact that the actor bears no resemblance to Chandler in real life, Matthew Perry’s portrayal of Chandler on Friends was primarily responsible for his rise to prominence.

Fans were shocked by the actor’s appearance in the most recent photos of Matthew Perry, who was formerly regarded as one of the sexiest actors in the industry and dated notable Hollywood actresses like Yasmine Bleeth, Julia Roberts, and Lizzy Caplan.

You might not even recognize him if you saw him on the street because of how much he has changed. He is no longer recognisable. The well-known actor has put on a lot of weight as a result of his futile battle against obesity.

The actor was recently seen on camera in Beverly Hills, and nothing about him resembles the heartthrob from earlier in his career.

Photographers saw Matthew Perry meeting a young woman in a parking lot. He was seen by the paparazzi in an unclean condition with a dirty, unwashed T-shirt, and unshaved. Additionally, he was wearing laceless sneakers.

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