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Father’s Middle Son Doesn’t Look Enough Like Him So He Conducts a DNA Test on the Boy

A husband asked his wife of 12 years for a paternity test of their middle child because he believed they did not share the same features. The request did not sit well with his wife, who is now considering a divorce.

A husband asked his wife for a paternity test, potentially ruining 12 years of marriage. The 37-year-old man took it to Reddit to explain why he had questioned his relation to his middle son.

He explained, “We have three kids and I always had this nagging feeling that our middle child wasn’t mine. Our oldest and youngest look just like me, but my middle child doesn’t.”

The husband knew that cheating was a deal breaker for his wife, which made him want to ask for a paternity test even more. For this reason, the 35-year-old was offended by the request.

Her husband said it should not be a problem if she had nothing to hide. Again, his wife’s anger raised more suspicions, so he went on with the test and discovered that the son was his. He thought the matter was over, but it actually got his wife questioning the future of their marriage.

His request for a paternity test left a dent in his marriage. His wife was still very upset with him because she believed he didn’t trust her. Not to mention that he made their son question his place in the family because he did not have his features.

The husband tried to get his wife to understand his point of view, but she could not get over the fact that he thought she would cheat and that he was willing to jeopardize his family because of his pride.

Therefore, the 35-year-old mentioned potentially getting a divorce, which is not how the husband thought things would turn out for him. Since the incident, the couple had not spoken, but the man hoped some Reddit users would help him come up with ways to get his wife to speak to him again.

Did the Couple Decide to Stay Together?
A couple of months after the man shared his story on Reddit, he came back with an update and said his wife had finally agreed to sit down and speak to him.

However, her opinion about the situation had not completely changed. The wife still could not get over how her husband did not trust her and the hurt he had caused their son.

She believed it was impossible for her to trust him again. His son felt isolated and thought he hated him. The wife revealed that he had always been aware of how differently his father treated him, but the father did not realize it.

The cheating accusations also had the wife thinking her husband might have had secrets of his own to hide. Although the man admitted to cheating in his two previous relationships, he said he had not cheated on his wife.

To counter his reasoning, the wife said she had never cheated. Therefore, the situation between the couple did not get better with time. Instead, the wife did not think she would ever be able to forgive him.

While the husband hoped that the paternity test would keep him at ease, it resulted in his son and wife holding massive grudges against him. But it was not only his middle son who was upset with him; the man said all his children were not speaking to him. To top it off, his wife wanted a divorce.

People in the comments did not feel sympathy for him, too. They believed his wife deserved to leave him because she knew her and her son’s worth. But it was also not a shocker to most that he had cheated before. Moreover, by doubting his wife of 12 years and accusing her of cheating, commenters viewed this as a betrayal worth a divorce.

Other Reddit users were upset that the father decided to cause his wife and son turmoil just for his peace of mind. To many, it seemed like he made the situation all about himself. In addition, readers believed his trust issues ran deeper.

The need to demand a paternity test just because he wanted his middle child to look like him was also aggravating to most commenters, as well as his unwillingness to accept that he was wrong in this situation. Commenters went as far as telling him he had failed as a parent.

Here is a story about a woman who received a message from a stranger asking for a DNA test, and the results were shocking.

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