Kathie Lee Gifford, known for her time on “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee,” has led a tumultuous life, despite her fame. Her first marriage ended in disappointment and divorce, leading to new career opportunities and a more fulfilling relationship.

Like many in Hollywood, Gifford faced sexual harassment but chose not to divulge specific details. In 1996, her clothing line faced a sweatshop scandal, which she used as a platform to advocate for industry reform.

A heartbreaking miscarriage in 1992 was followed by the birth of her second child. Her connection to the Kennedy family brought its own share of sorrow.

Gifford endured cruel jokes from figures like Howard Stern and faced marital turmoil when her second husband, Frank Gifford, cheated. She left “Live” partly due to her father’s illness. Frank’s 2015 passing left her lonely, and her mother’s 2017 death was another painful loss.

Regis Philbin’s 2020 demise deeply affected her, and a recurring nightmare hints at underlying fears stemming from her life’s traumas.

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